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Be a Partner

We are currently in the midst of raising the final part of

the budget. Funds are needed to pay off the last of

the finishing bills as well as to have the resources

necessary to promote the film and distribute it


We are grateful for the reception the film is receiving

both critically and from the public. Now is the time to

make the most out of that attention.

Please join the large group of supporters who

are helping bring this important story to audiences

around the world.

"Eva Hesse" is a sponsored project of Fractured

Atlas, a non profit arts service organization. ‐

Contributions for the charitable purposes of our

documentary must be made payable to “Fractured

Atlas” and are tax deductible to the extent permitted ‐

by law.

Click the button to go to our Fractured Atlas page.

Thank you!!

Thank you to these donors


Cantor Chayim Frenkel
Lillian Horwitz
Leah Durner 
Katherine Larsen
Elena Morrice
Barbara Bilson 
Kate Greenstreet 
Alison Poe 
Brian Gross
Sabrina Joy
Janet Sternberg
Nazish Zaffar and Zaffar Bhatti
Reeny Salvestrini
Priscilla Ellsworth

Yolanda Statham

Emily Pulitzer


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